The Hoola-Fit Workout is the only American Council on Exercise Approved hula hoop fitness program in the country.

Hoola-Fit incorporates mindful hoop dance movement with creative self expression. We’ve been offering hula hoop fitness classes and certifying hoop dance teachers since January 2012, and due to popular demand, we are now so excited to bring you online programming! Enrollment is now open for online teacher training and hula hooping workouts on demand.

Hoola-Fit on Daytime!

Hoola-Fit Founder Abby Albaum on NBC’s Daytime
Kailey Snayd
 The Hoola-Fit Teaching Training and certification was truly cosmic, far exceeded my expectations, and blessed me with tools to help pave my future. With this new knowledge under my belt, I'm so excited to embark on my journey as a hooping instructor. 
Sarah Christine
 I now feel qualified, capable and equipped to teach great hoop dance classes. I love the way that Hoola-Fit is designed so we can all work together and encourage one another on our hooping journeys.  
Suzanne Garth
 The Hoola-Fit Teacher Certification Program was amazing. We graduated with a sound understanding of hoop technique, fitness, lesson planning and guiding the “I can’t” students through “I will” motivation and finally “I did it!” I couldn’t have asked for a better training experience. 
Cyrena Lang
 Because of this program, I quit my corporate job. I'm now able to fully focus on what I love... which is sharing my passion for hooping! It’s more than just teaching a fitness class. We are building community and making a difference in peoples’ lives.  

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