Hoola-Fit is a Health & Wellness Program and Hoop Dance Teacher Training incorporating mindful movement practice through creative dance expression and elemental flow with professional hoops. The Hoola-Fit Program is the result of an innovative and collaborative hoop dance curriculum developed by master hoop fitness instructors and entrepreneurs, Abby Joan Lee and Casandra Tanenbaum. Our teacher certification program provides fitness professionals a framework for hoop dance instruction that honors individuality, intuition and intrinsic knowhow for building and sustaining hoop dance instruction and deepening personal practice.

Hoola-Fit combines cutting-edge hoop dance techniques with a variety of efficient drills and concepts to promote maximum health and wellness benefits. The program encourages students to progress at their own pace, to foster personal growth, creativity and exploration. Our mission is to inspire and equip hoop dance teachers to become leaders in their movement communities and to expand accessibility of hooping as a mindful movement practice.

ACE CEC Credits:  1.6 

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Hoola-Fit combines cutting-edge hoop dance techniques with a variety of efficient drills and concepts to promote maximum health and wellness benefits. Our certified teachers encourage students to increase skills in their own creative and unique style. This promotes a personalized, broad and deep experience with Hoola-Fit’s innovative mindful movement system.

About The Creators


abbyleeAbby Joan Lee

Abby is the founder of both Hoola-Fit and Hoola Monsters – Florida’s first full service hoop dance company, which specializes in handmade fitness hoops, hoop dance classes and performances. She’s also the sole program developer for Hoola-Fit Kids. A play professional and fitness pro for more than a decade, Abby is an ACE-Certified Youth Fitness Specialist and ACE-Certified Group Fitness Instructor who also holds certifications in Les Mills Body Combat and Cardio Kickboxing.

A hoop dance educator since 2007, Abby has taught the art form to thousands of people of all ages. She’s also spent years developing, testing and implementing her training programs. Her mission is to inspire and empower hoop dance teachers, in an effort to make hooping accessible worldwide. Prior to beginning her hoop business ventures, Abby worked as a public relations executive in New York City.

In 2012, she created, wrote and starred in the children’s hoop dance adventure & instructional DVD, “Molly and the Hoola Monsters.” Abby’s Hoola Monsters performance resume includes the Tampa Bay Rays Major League Baseball Team, Cirque Du Solei, and NBC’s America’s Got Talent. She has traveled the country teaching workshops and performing and has been featured as a hoop dance expert in media outlets such as Better Homes & Garden Magazine, the Washington Post and NBC’s nationally syndicated show, Daytime to name a few.

casi headshotCasandra Tanenbaum

An educator for more than twenty years, Casandra earned a Masters degree in Contemplative Education at Naropa University in June of 2012.
She’s also the founder of Flow Fests – free, public, urban arts events offering participants the opportunity to study movement with instructors from across the globe. Her multi-day workshop focused festivals bring the fun and learning of flow arts, circus arts, yoga and dance to cities big and small.

In her own words…
“I love blending my creativity with my rebellious, resourceful and grounded intellect. I love being a ‘golden mandala of delight,’ a kid-whisperer, and a visionary woman. I love my feisty, juicy passionate heart, and I love that my willingness to generate joy inspires others to do the same! I created Flow Fests to make flow arts accessible to all, to expand awareness of this unique cultural community and to encourage all people to play. I think play is essential to learning, flow is essential to play, and flow arts are a tool for expanding consciousness and improving vital well-being.”