As I sit here in the dark and write about why I adore hooping and being a Hoola-Fit Hoop Instructor, I have a bearded dragon attached to my shirt (hence the name Dragon Hooper)! It will almost be 2 years this October that I started my hoop teaching journey. And during that time, I have grown as a person, mom, friend, lover, daughter, hoop dancer, and instructor so much.

I remember Abby coming to me with her plans for Hoola-Fit and she could see that I had a passion to teach others. She strongly encouraged me to take the Hoola-Fit Certification.

I finally got the courage, and I decided that I wanted to do it, so I signed up for the September 2012 training in Brooksville, FL. In that weekend, I got more than a certification. I created friendships and bonds with new people that will last a lifetime. Abby made it such a safe place to learn and grow that I was very sad when the weekend was over and we had to go home.

The program is organized well that when you complete it, you’ve learn how to teach, make a lesson plan and build your business. Any unanswered questions and Abby is only a phone call away to get direction. There have been many times in my teaching journey where Abby has been there to boost my confidence.  She encourages people to never  give up, and I am thankful for that because I now have a hooping community in Brandon Florida, that I spearheaded myself!

Every Saturday morning, I look forward to Hoola-Fit class with my students. I have had the same people following me for a long time, and I meet new people every week too. It brings me great joy to see such happiness in my students when they are learning new moves, having breakthroughs, gaining self-confidence, laughing so hard because hoops go flying through the air and making new friendships built around a plastic amazing circle. Affecting peoples lives in a positive way really touches you deeply, and it is powerful. Here’s a clip from one of my recent classes:

On the business end of this, it is beyond amazing to me that I get paid to do something I LOVE! One day maybe I can make this more and leave the job that I have little passion for.

My biggest struggle as a teacher is when I’ve put my heart and soul into a class plan, only to have no students show up. I am thankful to say that this hasn’t happened in a very long time, but if it does, I will not let it defeat me.  Thanks to the Hoola-Fit marketing support I’ve received, along with patterns I’ve noticed at different times of the year, I am now prepared to take whatever challenges come my way.

All in all, this program has changed my life. I don’t know what I would do without it, because I love it so much and I pray that it continues to grow and flourish with this strong energy. And above all, I am most thankful for my loyal students who enable me to do what I love most every Saturday Morning!

Never give up on what you love. If you work hard enough it will happen! The hoop is life changing – and I  can’t wait to see what the future has in store!

Cyrena, (a.k.a. Dragon Hooper)

If you are interested in Hoola-Fit Hoop Dance Classes in the Brandon area you may contact me at dragonhooper@gmail.com or follow me on Facebook as Dragon Hooper. Last but not least, I’ll leave you with some fun hooping photos from my classes and workshops:

Beach Hooping

Hoop HanshakeHoolaFit Class with Dragon Hooper

Cyrena’s Hoop Teaching Journey

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